Yn Gymraeg


Sept 2017 - : Welsh Medium Teaching Associate at Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics

  • Welsh medium example classes and tutorials
  • Translation of educational resources
  • Welsh provision at Maths Support


Oct 2014 - : PhD in Applied Stochastic Modelling, Cardiff University.

  • Supervisors: Prof. Paul Harper & Dr. Vincent Knight
  • Jointly funded by ABUHB & Cardiff University.
  • Modelling of patient flows & working at the interface of a healthcare organisation.
  • Modelling of deadlock in queueing networks using Markov models and discrete event simulation.
  • Development of an internationally used open source software package, Ciw.
  • Title: Deadlock in open restricted queueing networks.

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014: MSc Operational Research and Applied Statistics, Cardiff University. Distinction.

  • Taught topics include: Queueing theory, Game theory, Statistical techniques, Time series, Mathematical Programming, Heuristics.
  • Completed dissertation at the University of Twente on an Erasmus placement.
  • Dissertation title: Optimising surgery schedules in order to increase operating room utilisation and level beds in the PACU and holding area.

Sept 2010 - May 2013: BSc Mathematics, Aberystwyth University. First Class Honours.


Learning & Teaching

  • Delivery of example classes, lectures and tutorials (see Teaching).
  • Leading computer lab sessions (Python, Simul8, LaTeX, Vensim, Excel) for undergraduate & masters students.
  • Mathematics & Statistics support tutor.
  • Translation of pedagogic material from English to Welsh.
  • Production of new learning materials in both English and Welsh.
  • Key participant in innovative international development initiative leading active learning sessions at the University of Namibia (under the Cardiff University Phoenix Project).

Community Building & Organisation

Software Development

  • Main developer and maintainer of Ciw (ciw.readthedocs.io), a Python library for simulating queueing networks.
  • Experience of modern software development techniques: version control, automated testing, continuous integration.
  • Contributor to the open source project Axelrod.


Bilingual speaker. International experience. Technical topics. Diverse audiences including general public, adademics, healthcare practitioners, and member of the Welsh government.

  • April 2018 - School of Mathematics 3MT, Cardiff (2nd place)
  • Mar 2018 - STEM for Britain, London - Poster: Modelling Deadlock in Open Resticted Queueing Networks
  • Feb 2018 - PyCon Namibia, Windhoek - Agent Based Modelling with Python
  • Oct 2017 - PyCon UK, Cardiff - Python for Operational Research in Healthcare
  • April 2017 - IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research, Aston - Queueing networks, Deadlock and Healthcare
  • Feb 2017 - PyCon Namibia, Windhoek - Producing Pretty Plots in Python
  • Sept 2016 - PyCon UK, Cardiff - Queueing and Python: pip install ciw
  • May 2016 - CORS 2016, Banff - Deadlock in Queueing Networks
  • May 2016 - Cynhadledd Wyddonol y CCC, Aberystwyth - Poster: Llwyrglo yn Rhwydweithiau Ciwio (Winner best poster)
  • Mar 2016 - 8th IMA International Conference on Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health and Social Care, London - Using Queueing Networks Modelling to Assess the Impact of the OPICP
  • Jan 2016 - PyCon Namibia, Windhoek - Simulating Queues with Ciw
  • Sept 2015 - Young OR 19, Aston - Queueing Networks for a Healthcare System, Deadlocking & Reinforcement Learning
  • July 2015 - EURO 2015, Glasgow - Queueing Networks for a Healthcare System Deadlocking, Reinforcement Learning & Workforce Planning
  • Feb 2015 - Python Namibia 2015, Windhoek - Playing with Reinforcement Learning in Python


Software: Python, LaTeX, VBA, Excel, SPSS, Simul8, HTML, CSS, version control with Git and GitHub.

Languages: English (Fluent), Welsh (Fluent).


Courses Attended

  • Welsh for Adults - Gloywi Iaith CDH001 (Grammar) - Cardiff University 20717/18 (Welsh medium)
  • Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s Teaching Skills Course - Aberystwyth University 2017 (Welsh Medium)
  • CHOIR Healthcare Operations Research PhD Summer School - University of Twente 2017
  • NATCOR Forecasting & Predictive Analysis - Lancaster University 2016
  • NATCOR Convex Optimisation - Edinburgh University 2016
  • Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s Research Skills Programme - Lampeter University 2015 (Welsh Medium)
  • NATCOR Combinatorial Optimisation - Southampton University 2015
  • NATCOR Simulation - Loughborough University 2015
  • Data Mining - Cardiff University 2015
  • NATCOR Stochastic Modelling - Lancaster University 2015


Email: palmergi1@cardiff.ac.uk

References available on request.