MA0004 - Preliminary Mathematics II

Course Schedule

The following structure is used:

Assessment deadlines are also given, and discussing your progress on the assessment tasks will form an integral part of your learning experience. Please see the “Assessments” section below.

Learning Materials

The main form of delivery is a series of asynchronous videos for your to watch and re-watch in your own time. The video series is split into six chapters, and you are expected to watch all videos before the relevant tutorial for that chapter. Here’s the full playlist, and the videos split into relevant chapters below:

A - Introduction

B - Sets (Tutorial Sheet 1, Solutions, Class exercises)

C - Probability (Tutorial Sheet 2, Solutions, Class exercises)

D - Data (Tutorial Sheet 3, Solutions, Class exercises)

E - Probability Distributions (Tutorial Sheet 4, Solutions)

F - Statistical Inference (Tutorial Sheet 5, Solutions)


The page limits are strict. If you submit a longer piece of work, I will not read past the page limit, even if that includes references.

The individual one page report, and the five page group project, will be marked using the same marking criteria:

Individual report ideas: the birthday problem, invent a casino game and describe the probabilities of winning or losing, coupon collector’s problem, Bertrand’s box paradox, the aeroplane boarding problem…